Join in all the excitement at Dale Westmoreland Field!

Fall League 2020!

Support our Panthers in the 2020 Fall League at Premier Baseball!

  • Click here for the varsity schedule

  • Click here for the junior varsity schedule​​​

  • Click here for fall league pictures from your webmaster for varsity and JV groups. All the pictures from the Klein games (both teams) are now posted. Nice work, Panthers!

    • Clarification: The "Buy" button you'll see on these links allows you to buy prints of the pictures from Smugmug. The pictures themselves are free to download, and neither your photographer nor KO Baseball receive any royalty from the print sales. ​

Understand that players may be asked to play on each team and that current team placement does not imply that the player will be on that team in the spring when practice or the season begins.